SEVA Turkish Sage
SEVA Turkish Sage

SEVA Turkish Sage

Dhs. 49.00
SEVA Turkish Sage

SEVA Turkish Sage

Dhs. 49.00
Product description

Our lush Turkish Sage is packed with medicinal, therapeutic and aromatic benefits to help you clear the energy of a space and uplift your mood. Sage has been burnt for over 4000 years for its countless advantages and life-changing effects. We’ve sourced the highest quality Turkish Sage to enhance your experience of burning sage and enjoying all of its benefits.

Turkish Sage is one of the best addition to a healing routine —especially if you’re seeking new ways of uplifting your energy. Burn Turkish Sage and flourish the ancient way.


- Antimicrobial properties, help to purify the air when burned

- Spreads a pleasant fragrance

- A chemical-free way to deodorize

- Helps boost intuitive senses

- Cleanses negative energy

- Enhances cognitive functions

- Improves mood

- Relieves stress

- May relieve pain

- Uplifts your spirit


Place Turkish Sage in a ceramic smudge bowl and light one end of it carefully. Make sure the sage does not catch on fire. When you see smoke rising from the sage, begin to walk around with your smudge bowl. Make sure smoke reaches every corner of your surrounding space to ensure its aromatic and therapeutic results. Allow your senses to relax and enjoy the fragrant smoke of Turkish Sage. Place your smudge bowl on a heat-resistant surface when you put it down.

Pro-Tip: Burn sage in a ceramic smudge bowl so you can move around freely with your sage, and preserve it for your next cleansing.


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