Strength Malas

Dhs. 265.00
Strength Malas

Strength Malas

Dhs. 265.00
Product description

You've got the power with this mala, allowing you to feel the joy of life!

This mala contains:

Bloodstone is a symbol of bravery. It was regarded as a magical stone that soldiers and warriors gripped during combat. The protection from heavy bleeding during combat is provided by carrying a Bloodstone.

Bloodstone has come to represent bravery and selflessness. According to legend, wearing it brings out a person's most charitable traits.

According to legend, the bloodstone gem has a protective quality that fends against threats of all types, from verbal to physical and everything in between. It is said to give individuals in need of it the courage and direction they require. Some advice wearing it or even stitch it into your clothing to give you stamina in challenging foreign circumstances.

This stone is regarded as a positive prosperity stone that promotes compassion, strengthens leadership, defuses bad emotions, and fosters perseverance.

A crystal for stability and grounding is called green aventurine. Green aventurine will assist in bringing you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth if you have a propensity to overthink or ruminate on issues and become trapped in your thoughts.

Citrine's upbeat colour makes it unsurprising that it is connected with enthusiasm and optimism. It is frequently utilized to help manifest financial prosperity and possibilities. Additionally, it can be utilized to open the solar plexus chakra, which supports the development of self-assurance and personal power.

Citrine is thought to have benefits for both physical and spiritual healing because it is a potent regenerator and cleanser. It promotes self-improvement, inspiration, and self-healing. It is very effective at overcoming fears and phobias because it carries the force of the sun.

The lower chakras are connected to the carnelian, a stone. This indicates that it has the metaphysical qualities of a gem, such as stability, a sense of purpose, and a zest for life, as well as the ability to boost self-awareness and creativity.

In addition to being empowering and stimulating, it represents strong energy, warmth, and joy that remains. This is what? Carnelian is regarded as a stone of bravery, stamina, vitality, leadership, and inspiration. Throughout history, this Sunset Stone's vivid, rich colour has served as both an inspiration and a shield for mankind.

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