Dish Washing Brush

Dhs. 73.00
Dish Washing Brush

Dish Washing Brush

Dhs. 73.00
Product description

These brushes, which include a Moso Bamboo handle and medium-weight agave or palmyra fibre bristles, can be used for routine bathroom cleaning as well as dishwashing, pot scrubbing, and vegetable washing. Always check the compatibility of new surfaces or materials first.

Replaces dish or pot brushes made of plastic.

Longevity: Depending on usage frequency and good storage, each brush can be used for 1-3 months or more. Make sure not to immerse or let the wooden components soak in water. After usage, hang to dry or store in a dry area.

Why it matters: Scrub brushes with plastic bristles drop microscopic plastic fragments known as microplastics. Unfortunately, sewage treatment does not completely filter out these microscopic bits of plastic. As a result, when you read about the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch," the majority of it is actually very few plastic fragments that are invisible to the human eye.

These minute plastic fragments are being devoured by people at sushi restaurants all over the world after being consumed by marine animals. Additionally, if you're a vegan, they are also getting into our drinking water. Help us stop using plastic and select a solution that is sustainable for both people and the environment.

No Tox Life was born from the desire to provide effective, vegan body and home care to help you live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. They are a local, family-run business and each product is made using high-quality, effective ingredients.


We are an empowering sustainable store that supports small businesses around the world. We are the storytellers - we love to touch the lives of the passionate people behind all of our products with the hope they give the same impact to you. From incense and tarots to sustainable products, all of our products are woven by the people whose passion drives us to be good and to do good. By the virtue of our consciousness-expanding efforts and our sustainability endeavours, we make a humble contribution to a better world for the generations to come.

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