How to Think More Effectively

Dhs. 93.00
How to Think More Effectively

How to Think More Effectively

Dhs. 93.00
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Among other things, we learn how to grasp fragile and flighty thoughts before they disappear through anxiety and fear; at what times of day to try to work and for how long; how to make use of our boredom and instincts, and how to overcome timid and predictable approaches to the largest problems. The result is an operating manual to that most wondrous, though intermittent and always baffling, organ: the human mind.

Thinking Types Include:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Cumulative Thinking
  • Independent Thinking
  • Philosophical Thinking
  • ‘Mad’ Thinking
  • Envious Thinking
  • Analogical Thinking
  • Empathetic Thinking
  • Love Thinking
  • Sceptical Thinking
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