SEVA Stories is an empowering sustainable store that supports small businesses around the world.

We are the storytellers, we love to touch the lives of the passionate people behind all of our products with the hopes they give the same impact to you. From incense to tarots to sustainable products, these are all woven by the people whose passion drives us to be good and to do good.

SEVA Stories is the latest addition to SEVA Experience, Middle East's leading Yoga & Wellbeing centre located in the heart of Dubai, UAE.


Who We Are

SEVA is owned by Shadi Enbashi and Eda Güngör and is the successor of Life’n One which was founded by Eda in 2014, after following signs from the Universe to move to Dubai and establish the center there from her hometown Istanbul without having any prior ties with the UAE. It was not an easy quest to run a fully plant-based cafe or talk about Family Constellation amongst other healing and wellbeing modalities nearly 10 years ago, yet the vision and guidance were superior to doubt.

In March 2020 SEVA Experience was officially launched as an upbranding, three days before the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the city. It felt initially like crashing into the wall at 200 km/hr speed, the upbranding construction had not been finished yet. Thanks to the diversity of the business and the willingness of the whole team back then, and the generous understanding of partners and suppliers, the business survived the pandemic bootstrapping and rose late that year to rapidly recover and grow, especially since it perfectly met what people were seeking after the lockdown.

Today SEVA Experience stands as multifaceted Wellness and Experience space that constantly brings services and products with the intention to uplift your daily experience, planting the seeds for the advancement and protection of our human race. 

The Underlying Tone

SEVA Experience is more than a passion project for Eda and Shadi, it is a calling for life. There is nothing that compares to witnessing a transformation in a person, and often the movement is a subtle stepping stone on a long path, yet when going beyond the small self, there is a responsibility we all carry that we often forget or be distracted from in the hustle and bustle of day to day life. SEVA Experience is intended to be an anchor and a lighthouse to remember and realign with that it is to be a human being living a real life. 

Vision and Philosophy

All the Great Teachers of Mankind over the short life span of humanity meet at common values and believe that such values morph from one era to another resulting in conflicts and misinterpretation due to being lost in translations. The vision of SEVA Experience is to be a venue for learning what needs to be learned and unlearning what needs to be let go through first-hand experiences. Inside every human are ancient codes for Universal truth and with discernment we can build on facts and feelings to sustain and advance our race. SEVA Experience intends with its offerings be it the scent of its air, the food served in its cafe, the ambiance of its lush garden, the products displayed in its shop and online store, or the Wellness services and classes it offers, to weave in intimate ways into the fabric of life possibilities and opportunities of life movements in harmony with the Universe. There is no way to define the shape and the color of that experience for the witness and the observer play their grand role in it, yet to orchestrate the platform some of the virtues and values below are always kept in the heart, mind, and intention of Shadi, Eda and the team as a whole:

- Life is movement. It is not about good or bad, that’s judgment. Where there is no movement there is no life. 

- Today’s choices define what ancestors do we become for future generations. We are here not just for ourselves. We are connected far more closely beyond space and time and it is essential to remember so always.

- Emotions over thoughts. When we balance and harmonize our emotions, clean what we are able and ready to clean off the residue of conditioning, unfinished business from the past, and all that doesn’t serve our higher expression in life, we grow into our true self and see with better clarity why we are here and what role is upon us to play. This goes on the path of claiming our personal power and stuck energies back. 

- At the baseline of every intention, prayer and blessing, we need to honor that we are here to advance, uplift, and protect the human race.

SEVA Experience Team

We grew from 7 people during the pandemic to nearly 40 full-time team members joining Shadi and Eda in the day-to-day operations. These are the housekeeping, kitchen and cafe, front desk, and management and administration teams. Attitude and personality over knowledge. Our team is the backbone of everything we offer and without them, it wouldn’t be possible. There is plenty of room for growth and refinement to offer higher standards and so our development is a constant work in progress. 

In addition, we have our facilitators, teachers, and therapists whether resident or international who are handpicked as qualified and experienced heart-centered individuals to bring you the wellness services we offer. 

Lastly, we have a truly incredible circle of associates, partners, and advisors who sustain our movement by offering the legal, financial, maintenance, and construction needs to ensure the stability of our business.