Agua De Florida Flower Water

Dhs. 206.00
Agua De Florida Flower Water

Agua De Florida Flower Water

Dhs. 206.00
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Florida Water is calming, purifying, and cooling.

The original 1808 composition had a delicate floral aroma with undertones of lemon.

In ceremonial contexts, Agua de Florida, a traditional flower perfume from Peru, is utilized. It is an all-natural creation. A combination of aromatherapy-grade, steam-distilled essential oils are added to pure rosewater.

To declutter your environment and improve your spirits, apply a small amount to your palms and take a deep breath.

Use it for ceremonial rites as well as to enhance general well-being and positive energy around the home, in the bath, and on the body.

Ingredients: rose water • filtered water • alcohol • essential oils of sweet orange, neroli, lemon, lime, lavender, ginger, vanilla, rose, bergamot, cinnamon, clove • La Llorona jungle creek essence • song, love & prayer.


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