THE SCHOOL OF LIFE The School Of Life 100 Questions

Dhs. 107.00
THE SCHOOL OF LIFE The School Of Life 100 Questions

THE SCHOOL OF LIFE The School Of Life 100 Questions

Dhs. 107.00
Product description

100 question cards that can be used to start deep discussions on relationships, life, culture, and family.

Getting into a decent conversation is difficult. The majority of our finest ones appear to have occurred by accident. No, in fact, we think that a great conversation usually begins with a fantastic question.

100 of the very greatest questions have been meticulously crafted and are presented in this stunning deck of cards in order to start conversations with a group of people that are both incredibly fun and profound.

Example Questions:

What’s the best evening you ever had?
Are you where you wanted to be at this stage in your life?
What do you and your partner argue about most?
What are the best things you owe your parents?
Would you be happy to tell your friends how much you earn?
Have you ever had a religious experience?

How to Use the Questions

You might…

Play this game at a dinner party to banish superficial chat.

Play over coffee with friends to initiate playful conversation.

Create an evening specifically themed around the idea of ‘deep conversation’, using the game as the centerpiece.

The design is at once substantial and inviting. The little icons on the outside represent the topics of conversation inside and are also featured on each card, making every theme you end up discussing easily recognisable.

100 question cards with box |150 x 115 x 50mm

ABOUT The School of Life
The School of Life is dedicated to helping us find a true sense of relaxation, resilience, self-understanding, and connection. They’re here to support us in trials and tribulations by showing us how to guide and help ourselves. They emphasize self-improvement so that we can make the best decisions for ourselves.

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