Surrender: Crown Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Surrender: Crown Chakra Roller 10ml

Surrender: Crown Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Product description

Surrender your worries and quieten your mind with this soothing blend of organic essential oils and crystals, perfect for deep relaxation.  

If you find sleep elusive or struggle to let go of busy, overworked thoughts, this one’s for you.
My mind is open and spirit is calm. I surrender to the universe’s infinite possibilities.
if angels wore perfume. Access higher plains and feel your worries float away with the powerful and pure scent of Neroli.      
Amethyst protects from darker thoughts. Quieten a busy mind and feel secure in knowing: “it is safe for me to let go”.    
Clear quartz 
Clear quartz raise your frequency. Clear quartz is an energy amplifier, releasing blockages to encourage expansion.  
Frankincense oil 
Frankincense oil accepting the unknown. Frankincense helps you feel secure in your connection to the present, allowing you the freedom to surrender to the unpredictable inevitability of the universe.  
Lavender calm and release. Sink into the comforting embrace of lavender as you drift off and surrender.
Roll the blend across your pulse points (wrists, temples) whenever you need to relax and let go.   
Closing a yoga practice 
introduces this Surrender blend to turbo charge your savasana and reach new levels of relaxation.   
For a blissful sleep 
lay down and get comfortable. Roll the blend across your temples and palms and cup your hands around your nose, breathing deeply while repeating the mantra “my mind is open and spirit is calm. I surrender to the universes infinite possibilities”. 
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