PUHPOWEE Sunset Bliss Herbal Tea

Dhs. 163.00
PUHPOWEE Sunset Bliss Herbal Tea

PUHPOWEE Sunset Bliss Herbal Tea

Dhs. 163.00
Product description

The best tea to relieve stress and tiredness. Drink the Sunset Bliss Herbal Tea for the perfect fix to a stressful, tiring day. Whether you’re physically, emotionally or mentally tired, the Sunset Bliss Herbal Tea will help you rejuvenate. Its rich, all-natural ingredients give it a delicious, refreshing taste that’ll leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on
another day. You’ll get to taste all 6 of your favourite herbal tea flavours seamlessly blended into one herbal tea.

- Improves immune system health
- Relieves pain, soreness and tiredness
- Helps you mentally unwind
- Calms senses
- Assists in improving the quality of sleep
- It may help in treating insomnia
- It may help in preventing diseases
- Keeps digestive system stable
- Prompts healthier blood circulation toward the digestive tract
- Provides relief from anxiety
- Energizes the functions of the brain
- Has no negative side effects
- Is tasty and leaves a refreshing aftertaste
- Contains pure and herbal ingredients
- Caffeine-free

Find a peaceful environment to sip your tea in while you feel stress and fatigue leave your body. Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over a tablespoon of herbal tea and allow to steep for a few minutes until the desired intensity of flavour is reached. Add your favourite sweetener, light some aromatic incense and enjoy.


Rose petals help stabilize the heart, mind and emotions alongside reducing anxiety and depression. Their compassionate, loving scent opens the heart chakra, allowing you to heal and find self-love.

Lavender flowers’ pleasant fragrance is great for aromatic uses and for eliminating anxiety. Lavender invigorates the crown chakra which opens the mind and soul to new beginnings and the wonders of the world.

Spearmint focuses your senses making you more mindful and calm. Its cool, fresh scent stimulates confidence and healthy moods. Spearmint also improves the quality of sleep and reduces anxiety.

Lemon verbena fights anxiety and promotes relaxation in times when you feel demotivated and overworked. Its floral scent instantly fills the heart with joy and is said to lower levels of oxidative stress. Lemon verbena will help you break unhealthy habits and start fresh. It’s also known as a lucky herb that invites good luck into your life.

Peppermint sharpens mental abilities, improves cognitive functions, increases pain tolerance and uplifts inner spirits. If you’re feeling sad or defeated, peppermint will instantly soothe those feelings and replace them with happy emotions. The cooling sensation of peppermint will urge you to look on the bright side of things and implement changes in your life.

Chamomile flowers pacify stressful mental states and assist in minimizing symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. They’re also helpful in fighting the anxiety that many suffer during menstruation. If you experience sleep-related anxiety, chamomile will relax you and invoke a good night’s sleep.

Puhpowee is a Potawatomi word (a Native American language of the Algonquian family) that translates to "The force that causes mushrooms to push up and appear overnight", also used as a synonym of 'rising', 'emergence', ‘growth'.
Puhpowee is a sister company of SEVA. All Puhpowee products are grown in our own organic permaculture farm, and foraged and extracted with love and respect for the earth and all inhabitants.

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