Pyrite Sphere 6-7cm Peru

Pyrite Sphere 6-7cm Peru

Dhs. 358.00
Pyrite Sphere 6-7cm Peru

Pyrite Sphere 6-7cm Peru

Dhs. 358.00
Product description

Ignite your inner fire and unlock the power of manifestation with the captivating Pyrite Sphere Stone from Seva Stories. This exquisite crystal is a must-have for crystal enthusiasts and those seeking to harness their personal power and attract abundance.

Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold," is a stone of vitality and manifestation. Its radiant golden hues and metallic luster evoke a sense of prosperity and confidence. The spherical shape adds elegance and balance, making it a stunning centerpiece for any crystal collection.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Pyrite stone
  • Ignites inner fire and manifestation
  • Handpicked with unique natural formations
  • Enhances confidence and abundance
  • Radiant golden hues and metallic luster
  • Perfect for personal use or gifting to loved ones


And the highest quality is our standard. We are proud to offer you over 100 different variations of the Crystals from the sacred places of our planet. 

Note: We respect the power of the energy each stone holds and therefore this product is not available for return and exchange. Please, request a consultation before purchase if required or visit our physical store to explore the whole collection. 

Thank you for understanding. 


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