Dhs. 380.00


Dhs. 380.00
Product description

ParaX™ is a diverse and comprehensive approach to balancing the gut microbiome, enhancing detox pathways, fortifying the immune system, and providing whole-body wellness. ParaX™ utilizes vitamins, minerals, standardized herbal extracts, fatty acids, and phenols encapsulated within powerful ozonated, oxygen-infused oils. Our formula was designed with the intention and purpose of delivering optimal results.


ParaX™ may help with the following:

  • Balances the microbiome and supports gut health
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports drainage and detox pathways


Suggested Use: Adults, take three (3) capsules, daily, with water or juice, as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.


Vitamin A (as NutraAssure® retinyl palmitate), iodine (as NutraAssure® potassium iodide), zinc (as NutraAssure® zinc bisglycinate), selenium (as SelenoExcell® organically-bound selenium from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), copper (as NutraAssure® copper bisglycinate), Cymbiotika® Ozonated Bio-Active Aromatic Lipid Matrix with ParaX-Spheres®‡‡ (Proprietary) [below] , Cymbiotika® ParaX-Spheres®‡‡ [below] , ellagic acid (as PhytoSure® ellagic acid), baicalein + biacalin (as co-complexed PhytoSure® baicalein + baicalin 1:1), luteolin (as PhytoSure® luteolin), caffeic acid phenethyl ester (as PhytoSure® CAPE), Cymbiotika® Balance & Harmony Co-Complexed Blend (Proprietary) [below].

Cymbiotika® Ozonated Bio-Active Aromatic Lipid Matrix with ParaX-Spheres®‡‡ (Proprietary)
Monolaurin (coconut fruit) fatty acid glyceride, thyme (aerial) ozonated essence oil, clove (flower bud) ozonated essence oil, oregano (leaf) ozonated essence oil, olive (whole fruit) ozonated fractionated oil.

Cymbiotika® ParaX-Spheres®‡‡, Providing
Phytonoic® (as co-complexed PhytoSure® andrographolide & PhytoSure®-O.C.® curcumin (as curcuminoids) 2:1).

Cymbiotika® Balance & Harmony Co-Complexed Blend (Proprietary)
Barberry [as PhytoSure® barberry (root) conc. ext. providing berberine], L-lysine [as NutraAssure® EAA-lysine], cinnamon [as PhytoSure® cinnamon (bark) conc. ext. providing bio-active phenols], black elderberry [as PhytoSure® black elderberry (fruit) conc. ext. providing anthocyanidins], ginger [as PhytoSure® ginger (root) conc. ext. providing gingerols/6-gingerol], grapefruit [as PhytoSure® grapefruit (seed) conc. ext.], black walnut [as PhytoSure® black walnut (seed) conc. ext.], wormwood [as PhytoSure® wormwood (stem & leaf) conc. ext.], cat’s claw [as PhytoSure® cat’s claw (bark) conc. ext.].

Other Ingredients
Liqui-PurePlantCap® (adapted functional plant cellulose capsule), Cymbiotika® ParaX-Spheres® (adapted cassava root starch, phospholipids, clary sage conc. ext., sugar cane frac. conc. ext., copper chlorophyllin, bilberry fruit conc.).

Disclaimer: This product contains walnuts.
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