KEEKO Oil Pulling Sachets
KEEKO Oil Pulling Sachets

KEEKO Oil Pulling Sachets

Dhs. 170.00
KEEKO Oil Pulling Sachets

KEEKO Oil Pulling Sachets

Dhs. 170.00
Product description

These super-refreshing oil pulling sachets by Keeko are packed with natural ingredients such as chamomile, myrrh, peppermint, spearmint, coconut, and lemon, a great solution to naturally cleanse the mouth of toxins and relieve sensitive gums at the same time.

These oil pulling sachets are the modern version of the ancient Ayurvedic practice of gargling (only in the mouth, not in the throat) oil to cleanse any contaminations that may be in the mouth and then transfer to digestive system.

The essential oils in these sachets are highly antibacterial and naturally help to maintain good oral health.

The pack includes 14 disposable sachets.


- Disposable sachets that you can take with you on the go —perfect for travelling

- Certified by PETA’s animal rights organization

- Certified by

- Certified by Plastic Neutral

- Compatible with the oral microbiome

- Reduces cavities

- Refreshing taste

- Helps eliminate harmful bacteria

- Helps to reduce plaque


Active ingredients: Citrus Lemon Peel Oil, Coconut Oil, Chamomile Oil, Commiphora Myrrha Oil, Peppermint oil, Limonene and Spearmint oil.

This product is certified Organic, and does not contain Parabens, Alcohol, Phthalates, Triclosan, SLS, Peroxides, Artificial Colors, Artificial Sweeteners or Animal Derived ingredients.


- Rub the sachets to dissolve the coconut oil in case it has hardened.

- Pour the liquid from the sachets directly into your mouth and slowly circulate in the mouth for 5-15 minutes.

- Spit out and brush your teeth normally.

- Repeat the process once daily for a minimum 2 weeks to reach the full potential of its benefits.


Keeko is on a mission to give your mouth the best possible daily oral health with a feel-good, natural care routine you’ll actually enjoy doing.

Keeko's products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and fake flavours. We believe something you do twice a day, every day, should be good for you -as well as fun and easy to stick with!

Think whiter, brighter smiles. Happier gums. Better inner health. Less toxins, plaque and cavities. Habits that stick. Job promotions. A million dollars. Oh wait… We’re getting sidetracked. Anyway, you got the point: nice teeth. You in?

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