PUHPOWEE Not Coffee Herbal Tea

Dhs. 163.00
PUHPOWEE Not Coffee Herbal Tea

PUHPOWEE Not Coffee Herbal Tea

Dhs. 163.00
Product description

Enjoy the intake of the same energizing kick as caffeine provides the healthy way through our Not Coffee Herbal Tea. Start your day off on a tasty, healthy, rejuvenating note. Did you know that caffeine consumption may cause insomnia, uneasiness, a rapid heart rate and more harmful side effects? This is why we’ve crafted the healthy, all herbal version of coffee — it’s equally (if not more) satisfying! Our Not Coffee Herbal Tea is a great pick for anyone trying to cut back on coffee, substitute coffee with a healthier option and/or try something new. We have made your decision of making healthier choices much easier by formulating the Not Coffee Herbal Tea — we’ve prioritized both health and taste first.

- It’s much healthier than coffee
- Instantly energizes
- Uplifts mood
- All-natural ingredients
- Has both mental and physical health benefits
- Better for skin
- Caffeine-free


In addition to their classic scent, Rose petals have a way of invigorating the senses while keeping them calm and focused. Rose petals are crucial for creating a peaceful ambience. It’s the best ingredient to help you pleasantly start your day.

Green rooibos contains antioxidants. The participation of green rooibos in our herbal tea is great for balancing your overall health.

Nettle leaf is rich in antioxidants and nutritional properties such as vitamin C. It’s known to naturally portray the same effects as insulin, eliminate free radicals, and provide protection against different cancers. It also helps in relaxing anxious feelings and keeps the nervous system comforted.

Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over a tablespoon of tea and allow to steep for a few minutes until the desired intensity of flavour is reached. Replace your bland cup of coffee with our refreshing herbal tea and experience its healthy results.

Puhpowee is a Potawatomi word (a Native American language of the Algonquian family) that translates to "The force that causes mushrooms to push up and appear overnight", also used as a synonym of 'rising', 'emergence', ‘growth'.
Puhpowee is a sister company of SEVA. All Puhpowee products are grown in our own organic permaculture farm, and foraged and extracted with love and respect for the earth and all inhabitants.

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