PRINTS IN PIECES Love & Chaos 500 Pieces

Dhs. 220.00
PRINTS IN PIECES Love & Chaos 500 Pieces

PRINTS IN PIECES Love & Chaos 500 Pieces

Dhs. 220.00
Product description

This puzzle takes us through the emotions of love, because can there really be love without chaos? The chaos of emotion, activities and desire.

About the Artist: Scottish illustrator Sophy Louise is from Glasgow. She is inspired to investigate other cultures, legends, and folklore by the history of her community. She is inspired by mythology and adores anything with plenty of design and vibrant colors. She usually works on sketches at her desk while telling stories.

Concentration is needed while putting puzzle pieces together, which enhances short-term memory and problem-solving skills. Using the puzzle as a mental workout can boost creativity and productivity and inspire imaginative thinking. It can be a solo activity or a joint activity with another person.

- Size: 500 pieces
- Puzzle dimensions: 24 x 18 inches
- Puzzle poster included
- Matte finish on puzzle & box
- Pieces come in a muslin cotton bag
- Box & pieces made with recycled cardboard

As challenging as 2020 was, it taught the Prints in Pieces team one key thing — to slow down. They believe our lives have become an endless race against the clock, scrambling to save a minute here, a few seconds there.

The idea for Prints in Pieces was born during this time of pause.

For them, puzzles are a way to unplug. From the endless screen time and the incessant scrolling that's an even bigger part of our lives than it ever was before.

But they realized, jigsaw puzzles haven't evolved since they were kids, hence they struggled to find any designs that inspired them.

So, they figured why not shake things up a little and spice up the humble jigsaw puzzle. There are so many amazing artists and illustrators out there, they just needed to bring the two together.

Prints and pieces hope to inspire you to pause, embrace the peace & quiet, and enjoy art in a whole new way — in pieces.

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