Lavender + Sage Soy Candle | Stoneware Jar Candle

Dhs. 163.00
Lavender + Sage Soy Candle | Stoneware Jar Candle

Lavender + Sage Soy Candle | Stoneware Jar Candle

Dhs. 163.00
Product description

You can unwind your senses and relieve tension by lighting this Lavender and Sage Soy Candle. This candle is necessary for the best self-care routine and a peaceful night in. Your energy levels will rise while simultaneously being lifted by its smell, which will assist you in unwinding. It is the perfect candle all year round because of its distinctive scent mix.

Lavender’s scent can intensely compose the mind and provide a captivating experience. Lavender decreases anxiousness and depression. It also enlightens the mood tremendously. SAGE Sage’s scent holds the power to protect against negative energies. It cleanses the ambience of any negativity and replaces it with good and loving energies. It may also be supportive for pain relief, treating depression, and controlling anxiety.

Hydrogenation gives soy candles a smoother feel than paraffin candles. Overall, soy candles are healthier, eco-friendly, natural, more fragrant, and leave less of a mess than paraffin candles. Soy candles also last much longer, which means you can enjoy the beautiful, long-lasting scent of the Lavender and Sage Soy Candle. SCENT NOTES Base notes: Pine, Musk, Patchouli Middle notes: Dill, Pepper, Moss, Ginger Top notes: French Lavender, Lime, Sage, Fern Leaves


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