Joy: Heart Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Joy: Heart Chakra Roller 10ml

Joy: Heart Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Product description

Tap into your heart energy with this delicate fusion of rose geranium, melissa and bergamot to enhance feelings of gratitude, compassion and optimism. Joy is the elixir of a contented life and a happy heart - a welcome antidote to the heaviness of recent times.

Find beauty in the ordinary. Rising above daily frustrations, Rose geranium introduces an uplifting sense of contentment.

Lighten your load. Step off the treadmill into a tranquil pool of weightlessness where you can peacefully recalibrate.

Start with self-love. The stone of unconditional love, Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels.

replace fear with acceptance. Melissa encourages us to let go of regrets and move forward with a sense of peace and love.

If joy were a scent. Bergamot lifts and calms in such a fine balance. If you’re feeling low, this is for you.

This essential oil roller is perfectly designed to bring more contentment and a happy heart to your everyday life.

Let's take some deep breaths and feel the love, strength and optimism of our heart chakra. Just that little moment of hope makes a difference, doesn't it?

Add the Joy mood roller, and the delicate scents of rose geranium, melissa, and bergamot enhance those feelings of joy, gratitude and optimism even more.

Chosen for their ability to bring beauty and balance, dispel fear, and amplify hope, these essential oils are strengthened by rose quartz and aventurine crystals, which are infused within the roller.

Roll across your pulse points (wrists, temples) and let yourself be held by the scent for a moment as the delicate oils bring lightness and ease.

If you want a deeper experience, roll it across the top of your chest area, gently massaging outwards towards your shoulders - releasing tension and opening your heart energy.

Stand tall, feel your feet root into the earth and your head lifted. Roll your shoulders and invite them to rest effortlessly so your chest feels open. Imagine a green or pink ball of light swirling in the centre of your chest. For each cycle of breathing, watch and feel it grow until you are overflowing with this coloured light. Let this beautiful energy fill you up and nourish you deeply while spilling out into all the people you meet throughout your day.

Repeat the above mantra “my heart is light. I love deeply and connect readily”.

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