MAY YOU KNOW JOY Gratitude Deluxe Set

Dhs. 166.00
MAY YOU KNOW JOY Gratitude Deluxe Set

MAY YOU KNOW JOY Gratitude Deluxe Set

Dhs. 166.00
Product description

Relieve stress with the best luxury self-care products!

Treat yourself or a loved one with these three luxurious goods in the deluxe set packed with love and gratitude. Each product in this deluxe set is designed to make energy clearing, self-love and peace of mind easy to achieve. Add to your meditation routine using an authentic rose quartz crystal, a gratitude card deck, and a faux birch bark card stand.

— Rose Quartz Crystal —

Known as the “stone of love”, the rose quartz crystal is perfect for anyone trying to maintain a clear and loving mindset in times of tribulations. It’s famously used during meditation due to its ability to exude love and happiness, and emotionally heal. It frees the heart chakra and clears the path for tranquillity to enter the heart and mind.

Using rose quartz crystals’ healing and protective powers date back to the New Stone Age when the rose quartz crystal was used in different forms for internal, external and skin-related healing.


- Liberates the heart chakra

- Suppresses negative and sad feelings

- Helps in coping with traumatic experiences

- May reduce the risk of heart attacks and/or blood clots

- Promotes self-love and positivity

- It may help in treating infertility (since stress can affect a woman’s chance of getting pregnant), depression and mental health issues

- Brings peaceful vibes to life

- Creates emotional stability


The rose quartz crystal’s stylish look and mesmerizing light pink, rosy colour with hues of white tones let it brighten up any room. Here are a couple of ways anyone can benefit from this crystal:

Place the crystal underneath a pillow for a better quality of sleep and dreams

Place the crystal in any corner of your house to spread its vibes around your living space

Hold crystal while meditating

Carry this crystal with you out and about to maintain calmness

Charging your crystal is also a great way to boost its effects and influence. Charging is done to recycle the energy of a crystal. It’s also good for protecting the crystal against bad energy. Here are some ways you can do this:

Burn sage or incense around the crystal for a few minutes

Disconnect a bit and breathe over your crystal to pass on relaxed energy and good intentions

Set the right intention and visualize the crystal being extracted of any negativity until you feel it’s necessary

Before using a crystal, let the moonlight shine on your crystal and charge it with the best energy possible

Essentially, you get to choose how intense you want your crystal and how to use it to your advantage —in a way you’re comfortable.

— Gratitude Card Deck —

If you want to optimize your meditation routine daily the easy way, without having to follow conventional tactics, these cards are for you. Place your rose quartz crystal nearby and pull out this deck of cards and enjoy calmness. These cards will help you connect back to the good things in life —the perfect escape from chaotic times in life.


- Pushes you toward a positive mood

- Uplifts mood and spirit

- Reassures

- Creates a sense of gratitude

- Enriches overall meditation experience


When you’re ready to meditate, start by setting the mood by setting your rose quartz crystal close to you to open your heart chakra. Then, pull out a card from the deck — any card — and repeat whatever message shows up, aloud.

Pro tip: According to experts, hearing your voice while reading the card messages will add value to your meditation session. Repeating the messages also have a greater effect. So whatever card you choose, read it aloud so it leaves an impact.

— Faux Birch Bark Card Stand —

In addition to the two high-quality meditation products, this set includes a sturdy faux birch bark card stand to make organizing your card deck easy. This stands appealing wooden look will give the card deck and the room it’s placed in a charming appearance.


Adrienne Enns is dedicated to making lives joyful each day and every day, in a simple yet impactful way. May You Know Joy offers a wide range of products and services that inspire people to intentionally change their lives with a purpose.

The motive is to unite us all through sharing laughter, challenges, emotions, and experiences. Aside from their extensive self-care and mindfulness inventory, they also have a blog and podcast you can tune in to, to learn more about intentional living.

They also offer a super informational membership that dives deep into how-to implement self-care and intentional living into your everyday lives.

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