Feminine Power Malas
Feminine Power Malas

Feminine Power Malas

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Colour: Maroon
Product description

Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

This mala contains:

The Tiger's Eye is venerated all across the world and throughout history as a representation of the tiger's power, bravery, and fortitude. Let's examine the definitions of the Tigers Eye in various cultures. The Tigers Eye enchanted the ancient Egyptians. The shimmering rays were then thought to represent the skies above.

The dried seeds of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree, which is only found in a few parts of South East Asia, are what make up rudraksha. There are several stories associated with Lord Shiva that explain the origin of this substance, which is also known as the "Tears of Shiva."

By soothing our heart and senses and regulating our body, Rudraksha beads aid in the resolution of various issues.

When worn through trying times, this rudraksha grants mental calm and self-assurance to go through the challenges. The negative effects of all nine planets are reduced with the use of this bead. It shields the wearer from the effects of the evil eye, accidents, premature death, and black magic.

The lower chakras are connected to the carnelian, a stone. This indicates that it has the metaphysical qualities of a gem, such as stability, a sense of purpose, and a zest for life, as well as the ability to boost self-awareness and creativity.

In addition to being empowering and stimulating, it represents strong energy, warmth, and joy that remains. This is what? Carnelian is regarded as a stone of bravery, stamina, vitality, leadership, and inspiration. Throughout history, this Sunset Stone's vivid, rich colour has served as both an inspiration and a shield for mankind.

Moonstone, a stone symbolizing "fresh beginnings," is a stone of inner power and progress. It eases emotional tension and volatility, stabilizes emotions, and promotes serenity. Moonstone improves intuition and encourages creativity, success, and luck in relationships and business.

A link to the feminine, cyclical transformation and inner clarity are all represented by moonstone. It inspires us to welcome fresh beginnings and serves as a symbol of light and hope. It is intimately related to feminine concepts like fertility, equilibrium, gentleness, and intuition.


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