Wood Body Brush

Dhs. 86.00
Wood Body Brush

Wood Body Brush

Dhs. 86.00
Product description

Does your skin appear a little worn out? Dry? Cracked? Or simply in need of some tender loving care? The great benefits of dry brushing for skin are endless! The natural approach to improve circulation and reduce the appearance and feel of cellulite is using our vegan dry body brush. This natural bristle body brush exfoliates, cleans the skin of bacteria and extra oil, smoothes it, and enhances blood circulation.

Our skin loses its capacity to detoxify and exfoliate as we age, which can cause pores to clog. Body brushing is a quick and simple approach to naturally maintaining beautiful skin! This fantastic dry body brush is vegan and wonderful for your skin. The bristles are constructed from cactus fibres too!

Dry Body Brush Benefits:

*Exfoliates dead skin cells

*Stimulates and improves circulation

*Rejuvenates skin cells

*Improves skin texture

*Breaks down cellulite and improves appearance

*Cruelty free and plastic free

How to Use:

*For dry brushing, brush in a circular motion and start at your feet and work your way up towards your heart. Brush up your legs one at a time, then your mid-section and across your chest. Do not forget your back! Move to your arms towards your armpits. Avoid your face and neck.

*If using in the shower, use soap and water and use a circular motion the same as for dry brushing. Rinse after use and hang dry.

Body Brush Dimensions: Length: 8” Width: 2.75” Depth: 1.25”

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