SEVA Divine Masculine Candle

Dhs. 99.00
SEVA Divine Masculine Candle

SEVA Divine Masculine Candle

Dhs. 99.00
Product description

Lighting the Divine Masculine Candle with cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, and orange notes will you connect you to a sense of grounded confidence and inner comfort you never knew you had. This candle's aromatic fragrance expresses the divine masculine energy and relates it directly to your mind, heart and soul. It’ll inspire you & support you, thanks to the incredible capabilities of the divine masculine energy –regardless of physical gender and personal orientation.

Enjoy the heart-warming vibes of this 100% natural, vegan and consciously made pure soy based candle. Made with a natural bamboo wick, and hand-poured with Love by people we love. May this candle brighten your days and your nights!


Cedar Essential Oil opens the doors for peace to enter your mind and soul. Its warm scent coats the body with relaxation and provides mental clarity. It motivates you to focus and helps you reach your full potential. Stabilize your root chakra through cedar essential oils aromas and get in touch with your inner safety and security. Cedar essential oil offers the Divine Masculine Candle pleasant, fine, woody, forest-like and aromatic scents.


Sandalwood Essential Oil allows mental clarity to take over any cluttered thoughts. Itt relieves stress, headaches and tiredness, and helps open your heart to accept love. It also frees the third chakra and promotes self-control, confidence, and higher self-esteem. Sandalwood essential oil adds an exotic, smoky, and woody fragrance to the Divine Masculine Candle.


Known as “The King of Oils”, Frankincense Essential Oil is widely used in aromatherapy for its transformative effects on the mind and soul. Frankincense essential oils’ powerful fragrance can carry you into a euphoric state and allows it to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Frankincense essential oil adds a musky, earthy, and fresh scent to the Divine Masculine Candle.


Orange Essential Oils fresh scent works wonders to brighten a dull day, uplift your mood and relax the mind. Its aromatic effects bring light to tense situations and helps lower the heart pulse. Its citrusy and cool aroma enhances a fun, motivated mood. It helps keep the sacral chakra unblocked and open for expressions, creativity, intuition, sensuality and healthy emotions to flow through.

Allow all your senses to be hugged by the sweet aromas of this high vibrational combination, and experience its unique energy.


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