Clarity: Throat Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Clarity: Throat Chakra Roller 10ml

Clarity: Throat Chakra Roller 10ml

Dhs. 131.00
Product description

It is time to speak your truth. Find the strength in your words to communicate with clarity and calm confidence.

Free-flowing expression. Cleansing and clearing, Spearmint is all about freedom of movement helping you find your flow.

Unblock the blocked. Myrrh is deeply attuned to the throat chakra helping you break free from stagnation to find clarity and move forward.

Ditch the negative self-talk. The stone of communication, Turquoise helps release inhibitions and negativity allowing your true voice to be heard.

A calm confidence. Slowing things down, Chamomile takes the edge off anxious inaction allowing you to speak with a natural self-belief.

One to use before that big presentation or if you are having difficulty expressing yourself. Roll across your pulse points (wrists, temples) to find your voice.

5 minute visualisation / inhalation
Roll the blend across your palms and cup around your nose, take some deep breaths, visualising a blue light flowing in as you breathe through your nose and out as you exhale through your mouth. At the same time repeat the mantra “this is my voice – words of power, reverberations of truth and lucid knowing”.


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