Seven Chakras Sage Mini Smudge

Dhs. 59.00
Seven Chakras Sage Mini Smudge

Seven Chakras Sage Mini Smudge

Dhs. 59.00
Product description

These White Sage smudges have seven colours of rose petals on the front side. Mini Smudges are perfect for when you don't need to cleanse a large space, or when you don't plan on staying very long in the space.

Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off negative energies, and white sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, and encourage protection. Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the Sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection. The idea is that as the leaves are burned, and you speak to express your gratitude for it's assistance, the spirit of the sage plant releases it's energy of protection and clearing into the space or onto the object that needs clearing. As the smoke moves through the room or over a surface, the smoke attaches itself to any heavy, negative energy that is within the space, object or being. This heavy energy then becomes released, so that it may regenerate into something positive. You can perform this smudging ritual on anything or anyone that needs a clearing.

Scientific research also shows that sage contains flavonoids -- plant compounds that have medicinal properties. Some of these compounds appear to improve brain health and guard against diseases like Alzheimer's. In one study of mice, sage extract improved memory. In other animal studies, sage helped against depression and anxiety. It also helps with digestive troubles, soothing upset stomachs. It is calming to the gut and calming to the mind, similar in the way lavender is calming.

Smudging is a term used to describe the burning of sacred herbs or resins in ceremonial practices. To burn sage, take the bundle in one hand and light the end of the bundle, then let the smoke waft into the air. If you are trying to cleanse the air in a room, you then walk around the space with the burning wand. You can also place the burning sage bundle in a dedicated shell or incense burner.

*If you have asthma or other lung problems, check with your doctor before using it.*

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