Women Are Sacred Pins
Women Are Sacred Pins
Women Are Sacred Pins

Women Are Sacred Pins

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Colour: Pink
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A simple yet meaningful badge that acts as a reminder of a powerful message: "women are sacred". Pin this badge on your clothes, bags or gift it to anyone, to remind them about the beauty and intelligence of women all over the world.


Our Sacred Women is a movement to restore women to a place of respect through specialized gifts, events, and services that make women feel recognized, cherished, and honoured, not just a holistic women's wellness brand. Proclaim with them the sacred nature of the women we adore.


The mission of Our Sacred Women is to honour all women, including Mother Earth, in everything they do. They place a high value on engaging with reputable vendors who pay their staff a decent wage and maintain safe working conditions. They also prioritize collaborating with nearby businesses to lessen our carbon footprint. Since they think that what we put on our bodies should honour people rather than harm them, all of their clothing is GOTS-certified organic. They make our items in small batches and with sustainable materials to prevent wasting the limited resources of the earth. Therefore, when you see one of their signature t-shirts in the future, know that we went to great measures to make sure it was created in a way that exemplifies that exact concept.


We are an empowering sustainable store that supports small businesses around the world. We are the storytellers - we love to touch the lives of the passionate people behind all of our products with the hope they give the same impact to you. From incense and tarots to sustainable products, all of our products are woven by the people whose passion drives us to be good and to do good. By the virtue of our consciousness-expanding efforts and our sustainability endeavours, we make a humble contribution to a better world for the generations to come.

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