PUHPOWEE Self Lovin' Herbal Tea

Dhs. 178.00
PUHPOWEE Self Lovin' Herbal Tea

PUHPOWEE Self Lovin' Herbal Tea

Dhs. 178.00
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If you’re on a journey to search for self-love, look no further. The rich ingredients in this Self Lovin’ Herbal Tea will illuminate your heart and prepare it to experience the highest form of self-love. Its organic vanilla flavour will leave a pure, sweet taste in your mouth with each love-filled sip. Treat yourself to finding self-love through a delicious drink that you can enjoy at any time of the day and feel a deep sense of self-admiration through. Our tea will lovingly motivate you to become mindful, care for yourself and practice a healthy lifestyle.

- Promotes self loves
- Tastes delicious
- Organic ingredients
- Helpful in meditation
- Uplifts mood
- Motivates
- Provides a high sense of self-love
- 100% herbal
- Caffeine-free

Here’s why we chose this diverse set of ingredients to make this self-loving tea,
for you:

Damiana leaf is beneficial for both mental and physical health. It helps treat headaches, constipation, depression, and anxiety. It may also boost the overall body and mental stamina.

Cassia cinnamon has antioxidants, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. These properties make this spice extremely healthy for both mental and physical health. Cassia cinnamon connects to the heart chakra and stimulates feelings of love and high energy.

Cacao nibs are known for having anti-inflammatory effects and being advantageous for maintaining blood sugar levels, energizing moods, cardiovascular health and improving brain functions. Cacao nibs can naturally spike levels of dopamine production in your brain. And dopamine is the pleasure hormone that makes you feel rewarded and satisfied.

Alongside rose petals’ classic scent, they’re amazing for alleviating a mind busy with thoughts. Rose petals are crucial for creating a loving mood and atmosphere. Rose petal’s connection to love dates back to ancient and mythical histories. Even back then, rose petals were a symbol of love due to their fragrance that naturally exudes romance. The journey to self-love is incomplete with-ought the contribution of rose petals in your herbal tea.

Orange peels are extremely nutritious and supportive in treating conditions such as bad breath, Infections, colds, obesity, type 2 diabetes and more. Oranges themselves are also crucial in achieving a healthy, positive and fun mood. People commonly boil oranges peels and drink their water — we’ve made it easy to take advantage of orange peels benefits by adding it to our Self Lovin’ Herbal Tea.

The mere scent of organic vanilla can immensely calm your senses. We’ve added the right amount to ensure its benefits reach your mind and body. Its benefits include calming effects, stimulating hair growth, preventing anxiety, and treating depression. Vanilla is renowned for intensifying feelings of self-love and euphoria. Its original sweet taste and effects make our Self Lovin’ Herbal Tea irresistible.

Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over a tablespoon of tea and allow to steep for a few minutes until the desired intensity of flavour is reached. Drink a cup of your herbal tea while looking at yourself in the mirror and discover self-love with each sip. Add your favourite sweetener, light some aromatic incense and enjoy.

Puhpowee is a Potawatomi word (a Native American language of the Algonquian family) that translates to "The force that causes mushrooms to push up and appear overnight", also used as a synonym of 'rising', 'emergence', ‘growth'.
Puhpowee is a sister company of SEVA. All Puhpowee products are grown in our own organic permaculture farm, and foraged and extracted with love and respect for the earth and all inhabitants.

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