Joy Malas

Dhs. 265.00
Joy Malas

Joy Malas

Dhs. 265.00
وصف المنتج

Bloom for your own joy! This stunning light green mala radiates the colour of matcha.

This mala contains:

This stone is regarded as a positive prosperity stone that promotes compassion, strengthens leadership, defuses bad emotions, and fosters perseverance.

A crystal for stability and grounding is called green aventurine. Green aventurine will assist in bringing you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth if you have a propensity to overthink or ruminate on issues and become trapped in your thoughts.

The dried seeds of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree, which is only found in a few parts of South East Asia, are what make up rudraksha. There are several stories associated with Lord Shiva that explain the origin of this substance, which is also known as the "Tears of Shiva."

By soothing our heart and senses and regulating our body, Rudraksha beads aid in the resolution of various issues.

When worn through trying times, this rudraksha grants mental calm and self-assurance to go through the challenges. The negative effects of all nine planets are reduced with the use of this bead. It shields the wearer from the effects of the evil eye, accidents, premature death, and black magic.

One of the birthstones for May is chrysoprase, which has long been associated with prosperity, initiative, and wisdom. It is a potent stone that attracts luck and wealth.

Chrysoprase helps the inner child heal by allowing long-suppressed emotions to come to the surface. It can restore relationships, mend a shattered heart, and change negative feelings into pleasant ones. Chrysoprase encourages you to focus on good things rather than compulsive or impulsive angry thoughts and behaviour.


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