Copal Insence Scroll

Dhs. 122.00
Copal Insence Scroll

Copal Insence Scroll

Dhs. 122.00
وصف المنتج

Traditional Copal incense handmade in Mexico. 

A Tribute to Tradition and Essence

Each stick in our collection is a homage to rituals and meditative practices, honoring the sacred wisdom of ancient cultures. Crafted with pure, unadulterated materials, they emanate an essence of authenticity and reverence.

Empowering Indigenous Communities

With the proceeds from our 'Incausa-line' and a robust logistics network, we serve as a pro bono bridge between Indigenous artisans and the global market. We champion a fair-trade approach, ensuring that profits are reinvested where they are needed most - in the heart of Indigenous communities.

Preserving Heritage and Sovereignty

Our mission goes beyond commerce. We are dedicated to preserving the rich tapestry of Indigenous heritage and empowering communities to safeguard their sovereignty. Through Seva Stories, every purchase becomes a beacon of support for this noble cause.

A Sustainable Pathway to Prosperity

By connecting artisans to a global audience, we create sustainable opportunities for both producers and shoppers. SEVA Stories is a movement towards a more inclusive and equitable world.

الشحن والإسترجاع

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